Registration Form

Registration Form

Welcome to the Escuballet Family

An additional person to contact in case we can’t reach the legal parent or guardian.
To Whom It May Concern: If, in the professional judgement of a qualified doctor or other professional(s) of an emergency treatment facility, medical assistance or treatment is required during the ESCUBALLET year, my submission of this form authorities such treatment/assistance.
This section is for the card you want to use for the automatic monthly payments on the 1st of each month.
All students must arrive at least 5 minutes before their class, once it has started, they will only have 5 minutes to arrive. Students must always wear the full uniform and attend perfectly groomed and combed. It is not allowed to wear accessories that may be lost and hurt the student or his classmates during classes (watches, bracelets, necklaces, rings, long earrings, etc.) Escuela Cubana de Ballet is not responsible for objects that are forgotten or lost; however, a basket of lost and found will be available in our boutique in which all the items that our staff finds will be placed. Those responsible for the student or companions will not be able to access the room during the class, except for parents who attend for the first time and in a single trial class. To avoid crowds at the entrance, students will enter through the front door 5 minutes before their class start and at the end they will be delivered through the back door, it is important to be on time to pick up the students once the class is over. Indiscipline, lack of respect for other students, teachers and administrative staff will not be tolerated for any reason, and if you incur any of these faults ESCUBALLET will notify you of the withdrawal from our institution.
All students must wear the Escuballet Uniform.
Each student must pay for their registration annually. Monthly payments will be made automatically on the 1st of each month. Late payment fee: $25.00 (applicable after the 1st, if payment is not made)
Tuition consist of 10 full months from August to May and half a month in June, regardless of the fact that during the cycle we have breaks in some seasons and by official disposition (we are governed by the Broward County School Calendar). All monthly payments must be covered to ensure the student's place in the group. These monthly payments will be automatically deducted on the 1st of each month to the payment method provided at the time of registration. If the payment is declined, you will be notified by email and message to resolve the issue or update the payment method. If payment is not made by the 1st of each month, a $25.00 late fee will be charged. The service provided by the school is completely individual and non-transferable. All payments are non-refundable
If for any reason you decide to unsubscribe from the school, you must notify us at the email including the full name of the parent and the student and the reason for the cancellation. ESCUBALLET reserves the right to retain the last month of tuition after cancellation.
Upon registration, the student is automatically registered to participate in the events organized by the ESCUBALLET. The applicable participation fee will be automatically charged to the payment method provided at the time of registration; the automatic payment schedule will be provided one month before the collections begin. Tickets for the events will be sold through the official website of the Theatre.
Days before the event extra rehearsals are carried out of which a detailed schedule will be given. It is very important to know that some regular classes may be canceled to carry out all the necessary Rehearsals. In case the student is selected for a main role, they will have private rehearsals that will be included in the Participation Fee. Students and parents agree to attend all rehearsals on time, only those with a minimum attendance of 80% will be able to participate in the corresponding events. Please note: ESCUBALLET reserves the right to cancel or modify classes or rehearsals at any time, with the purpose of having an excellent show.
The tests will be held every year in the first two weeks of June, the attendance of all students is mandatory. Based on the results obtained, the examiners will determine if the student is ready to move on to the next level. Among the aspects to qualify are punctuality, discipline, and compliance with the uniform, for which it is important that parents commit to take their children in a timely manner perfectly uniformed and hair styled. A mail with the schedule and instructions for this class will be sent a month before. This test has a cost of $45 which will be charged along with the tuition of june to the payment method provided at the time of registration. Our school is certified by the UNESCO International Dance Council, to obtain this certification there’s an additional $45 fee which is optional.
These classes are held once a year in June in the presence of parents so that they can observe the performance and development of their children at ESCUBALLET. A mail with the schedule and instructions for this class will be sent a month before.

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